Spanning a wide range of topics and fields of interest, these workshops are certain to inspire, entertain and educate.

 These will place (mostly) in the 'Big Gym' neighboring the theater, during the workshop session from 16:00 until 17:50

Also, entry to these is FREE!


View past ted talks

A stream of especially interesting, insightful TED talks, handpicked by the TEDxBISB team of 2018. These are in the theater, and take place during the workshop session.


Experience the world of Virtual reality like never before - Gameleon

The new popular technology trend of immersing yourself into another world will be available for anyone to try out in our School. More precisely, it is a PlayStation VR headset with console support, including different simulations, like action packed shoot them ups, space exploration and more. The technology is supplied by our amazing partner Gameleon.


Release your inner artist

Have you ever dreamed of just drawing on a wall – without any consequences? Is it art, or vandalism? It is up to you to decide, but whatever you want to express, be sure to take a look at our Doodle Wall in the big gym- a community based experimental artwork, accompanied by some other smaller art related activities.


Tedxbisb history timeline

See the evolution through the years of the 6-year-old TEDxBISB event's progression through its various iterations. Being one of the fastest changing TEDx events in Bratislava, TEDxBISB has come a huge distance from its humble beginnings in the school's library to where it is now. 


Speaker conversation corner

Got any questions? Talk to our expert speakers about anything that you want, or to get insight into their actual ideas – ideas that are worth sharing in our  community.