emma pivarci

I am responsible for arranging this team of people and bringing them together serving also as a mediator for ensuring that if problems do arise, they will be eliminated immediately. 

Other than photography, it is my job to recruit speakers.

To be able to work on TEDx has been a dream of mine ever since I discovered the organization on YouTube.


josh silverberg

In addition to being one of the hosts with Aneta, I am employing my *extensive* technical experience in creating and managing this website and any ticketing, in addition to a plethora of other technical aspects of the event.

Experiencewise, I have spoken at a TEDxBISB event in 2015, so I have the experience to allow me to help organize the event to exceed previous standards. Additionally, this opportunity gave me the confidence and ability to speak in front of large crowds, so I plan to be a valuable member of this year's host pair.


aneta luptakova

In addition to having taken art and drama in school, I have also done it extracurricularly for 8 years. I have participated in many drama/theater related competitions and shows such as Noc Divadiel or Kremnicke Gagy, in addition to playing major roles in 8 of the school musicals (for which I also made props and helped with scenography). I am also a frequent MUN attendee, which has improved my public speaking and helped me express myself.

All of these things help me in my important roles as a host, along with Josh, as well as in social media outreach.


martin vrana

I am involved in the creation of promotional material, printing and production of the main stage/event layout. As expected, quality is my number one priority. In addition, I ensure that everything in the event runs smoothly and looks professional.

I am using my experience and knowledge as a a visual art student and self-taught graphic designer to ensure that all of my roles are fulfilled to the highest possible level.


julie wagenknechtova

I am the lead promoter of TEDxBISB inside and outside of school, in addition to being involved in its photography, filming, and documentation.

In the past, I have been a part of the organization of a TEDx even in ISP, in Prague. It has been very exciting and I believe that with my ability to communicate, collaborate and organize effectively, I will give some positives to the group and we will make a successful TEDx event in BISB, Bratislava!


Rebeka Erdélyiová

I am responsible for the promotion of the TEDx event, in addition to having a role in the setting up of the main set and theme of the event. I am also in charge of finding and recruiting suitable speakers for the event, in addition to introducing them to TEDx rules and making sure all of the associated legal formalities are correctly followed.

I have a lot of experience with organizing different events such as the ‘ribbon’ day, multiple school performances, and private events, which I hope will make me an ideal fit for my position.


Jozef Majsky

I am in charge of the video production of the main event as well as a short introduction video. My main focus is to document everything in the highest quality possible and make the event look professional not only on set but also on screen. I am a film making student with multiple film experiences. I am also helpingthe TEDx team with fundraising and marketing.