Martin Herman

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I'm going to talk about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralization, and why it's probably wise to get a general overview in this field as soon as possible. Blockchain might just be the most important technology since the iPhone
I started off as a programmer, but I think I'm turning into a serial entrepreneur. I'm good at finding technical solutions to real-world problems. After graduating high school, I spent a year in San Diego and Silicon Valley, building my own startup (which has failed, but it taught me a lot). After I came back from the US, I never went back to university and so far it has been working out great for me.
Currently I run 3 companies; Powerful Digital - a digital agency that creates apps, websites and designs, Powerful AI - a company that focuses on the uses of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, and Powerful Medical - a medical research company, where we use machine learning to analyse medical data and catch health problems early on. Overall, I lead around 35 people.
I've also recently launched a blockchain company - Bethereum Limited. We are creating a betting platform, where you don't bet for Euros or Dollars, but for Bether tokens instead. The blockchain keeps the betting process transparent and secure.
Call me crazy, but I'm starting to consider Elon Musk's theory about us living in a huge simulation. The technology of tomorrow is THAT exciting. I promise I won't bore you!