Darius-Andrei Vicovan 

Darius-Andrei Vicovan.jpg


Why should we explore space? Why should we venture out into the unknown and take great risks? To discover interesting facts about our Universe and where we come from, and to ensure the survival of our species. Darius-Andrei Vicovan is 13 years old and has been fascinated by space from a very young age. Over the years, his dream jobs have been to do with the Cosmos, starting with Astronomer, and now Rocket Scientist. He is currently working on plans for an imaginary space probe that would map the atmosphere of Venus to determine the feasibility of proposed floating Venusian Habitats. Using Lidar and Radar, it will map the different atmospheric patterns to be able to figure out the conditions at different altitudes and positions across the planet to find the most feasible position for a floating colony. He will explain to you why space exploration is just so important to invest more in, and where we could have been today if more investment was devoted to space exploration. His hobbies include reading, watching movies and travelling. His dream in life is to work for the European Space Agency, building and designing different spacecraft to explore the solar system, and maybe one day, other nearby star systems.