Matej Luptak

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dare to know ourselves

For as long as I can remember I felt that there is more to life than what I have been seeing, having a strong desire to penetrate the mystery of my existence and to transform my experience along the way. What I have come to see is that this is not only possible, but the way to it is far simpler and more accessible than I had thought. The quality of one's experiencing can, in fact, be changed through greater insight into oneself. I believe that gaining deeper self-understanding and learning how to improve one’s experience is crucially important for the human civilization at this stage of its development. We have been making steady scientific, technological progress, which has granted us powers unimaginable to people living only a few centuries before us, and by all measures, this progress seems only to be accelerating, however, it has not reflected in proportionately increased rates of human flourishing. The external world is changing rapidly while our internal world remains stagnant. It is time for us as humans to learn not only to master our physical environment but also to master the inner landscape of our minds and consciousness.