Alexandra Wiegerova


Dare To understand our personal story

My name is Alexandra Wiegerova. I am 17 years old and I come from Bratislava, Slovakia. Something that many people do find out when they get to know me is that I have an anxiety and panic disorder. That is something that I don’t keep as a secret, the topic of my TEDx talk being about my life with anxiety. For years I wanted to have a platform where I could talk about this issue, not only to inform, but also to educate, bring people to understand, and it also has been a coping mechanism for me to talk about it. In the past I have had chances that I took to talk about anxiety, such as on assemblies, but TEDx seems like the platform that will bring this issue to a bigger light and where I will hopefully be closer to giving people the understanding they need about anxiety, from someone experiencing it first hand on a daily basis, and to possibly give some hope to people who struggle themselves, and need someone that understands them to speak up.