Dare to ____


Everyone has a comfort zone that we are afraid to leave. However, we at the TEDxBISB 2018  team believe that we can only progress as individuals and societies if we dare to take a step out of this zone. Dare to move forward. Dare to put others before ourselves. Dare to make decisions. Dare to ____

As for visitors, this year, in addition to the traditional speaking event, TEDxBISB 2018 features free workshops to suit all interests and people. (More info over time)


What is ted?

TED is a nonprofit devoted Ideas Worth Spreading. It began in 1984 as a conference bringing together Technology, Entertainment and Design, but today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. 


What is tedX?

In the spirit of spreading ideas, TEDx is a program organized independently in local communities, in hopes of bringing together people of the particular community and share a TED-like experience.  At a TEDx event, speakers from a wide range of interests come and speak of their own experiences, or views, to further inspire the audience and result in discussions and activities which allows more ideas to be spread around.


this year

This year, TEDxBISB's theme is Dare to ___. We found that this theme is applicable to all of us experiencing stagnation, feeling stuck, and is particularly relevant in today's competitive and technologically advanced world. We believes that all great ideas begin outside of comfort zones. All of the speakers at TEDxBISB 2018 are exploring the notion of daring to soar in the unknown.